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About the Artist

Rachel Albano is an abstract painter from Elora, Ontario. She holds a degree in Studio Art and Art History from the University of Guelph. Her painting is an intuitive process; multiple layers are covered and revealed until they culminate in a cohesive piece that testifies to this process. Her work has a sense of the artist’s presence through gestural marks and sometimes a heavy scraping back of layers. The use of palette knives creates a sense of rawness and roughness- a loss of control that invites an element of chance into the work.

Her aim is to create paintings that facilitate a sense of hope and inspiration to her viewers.


My Recent Work

How does a painting make you feel? Does it bring you back to a certain memory or place? My latest works aim to do exactly that. Through a combination of colours and textures, I want the FEELING of the painting to speak to you. I want it to surround you and transport you back to that place… that time that you were in complete peace, or refreshment, or excitement. Abstract paintings have the power to speak beyond words and images, transcending the rational mind and triggering the heart. I want these paintings to recreate that memory and the intrinsic emotions for you whenever you experience them.